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LONDON ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMATIC ART Performance and Communication qualifications

Our LAMDA classes are suitable for 4-18 year olds. The classes are taught privately or in small groups ( No more than 6 in a group) and are open to anyone looking to gain confidence, skills and experience in speech, communication and performance, or simply looking for a new challenge!

Whether you're interested in musical theatre, love to act, perform poetry or want to improve your public speaking skills; there is a LAMDA Qualification for you. Our registers are open all year round so you are welcome to join us whenever you'd like. 

LAMDA is an internationally recognised qualification and from Grade 6 onwards provides the leaner with UCAS points.

Attainment Level   LAMDA Grade 6    LAMDA Grade 7    LAMDA Grade 8

Distinction              12 points                   16 points                 24 points


Merit                        10 points                   14 points                16 points

Pass                         8 points                     12 points                 8 points

We are proud to say our LAMDA lessons;

  • Help the learner read easily, fluently and with understanding

  • Improve self- expression by expanding vocabulary

  • Improve confidence in speaking and listening

  • Encourages the learner to memorise and recall information

  • Encourages the learner to deliver persuasive formal presentations

  • Encourages the learner to work successfully  alone and in a team.

We offer the following examinations;


Build communications and life skills while developing strong physical and vocal skills.



Enhance self-confidence by combining singing and acting to tell stories.


Develop a clear speaking voice, good body language and self confidence by exploring spoken language.


Our LAMDA Students perform in one fully costumed and staged showcase a year. This is a wonderful opportunity to share our exam work to an audience. This takes place at The Shelley Theatre or Corpus Christi Parish Centre. Our LAMDA students also compete in the Bournemouth music festival competitions. Pure Drama students have had great success at this festival, coming home with numerous places and trophies. Including The Junior Drama Champion, The Junior Speech Champion, The Constance Smart Award and The Donald Willoughby Award for most Outstanding competitor


Our Private LAMDA sessions are £13.00-£15.00 (depending on the grade being taken) for 30 minutes a week (Paid Termly) 


Our LAMDA sessions take place on the following days at the following locations;


The Garden Room, Wych Hazel, Meon Road, BH7 6PW

19:30 - 22:00 Private LAMDA


The Garden Room, Wych Hazel, Meon Road, BH7 6PW

15:15-22:00  Private LAMDA


The Garden Room, Wych Hazel, Meon Road, BH7 6PW

15:15-22:00  Private LAMDA



The Uniform consists of a PD T-shirt (£12) Black leggings/joggers and trainers. These must be worn to all Festivals and Examinations.

Hoodies are optional (£25-£30)

Patrons: Kim and Gillian Taylforth